Location Fixer Services

Location Fixer Qatar desert filmingNeed a Location Fixer before you arrive in Qatar? Media Queen TV can provide you with the best Local Location Support needed for all your pre-production planning.

First of all, our team of TV professionals are based right here, in Qatar. Which means we can hit the ground running, working with you to get your shoot organised before you arrive.

We take your brief and work directly with your team, to provide suggestions for exciting and unique locations for your production while working within your budget and schedule.

Whether you’re looking for Location Scouting, Organising shoot permits or even sourcing the best catering, and fabulous accommodation, we can help.

We are familiar with local logistics, and the diverse multi-cultural and multi-lingual nature of our host country. We work diligently with you, behind the scenes to get everything set up for your arrival in Qatar.

These are just some of the Location Fixer services we provide:

  • Location Scouting
  • Sourcing of Local Crews
  • Sourcing of Equipment Hire
  • Assisting with Local Casting
  • Applying for Local Shoot Permits
  • Organising Crew Accommodation and Transport
  • Organising Location Catering and hospitality
  • Providing Comprehensive Location Support

Location Support

Once you have arrived in Qatar, we work with our Production Support team to assist you with anything you might need on the ground. From airport pick-ups to after shoot chauffering: we arrange any of your transportation needs from the moment you reach Qatar, through Hamad International airports.

We offer a comprehensive support service to assist you with any additional production demands while visiting us in Qatar.

Our Location Support team are committed to working together with International crews while filming in Qatar to respect our host state.